First time traveling on backpacker’s style

Finally we’ve made it. After months of chit chat about going abroad together, yesterday my friends and I have almost done with everything need to be prepared for our trip together to Singapore (will visit Johor Bahru, Malaysia, too). Visa free for Indonesian to enter these two countries, then nothing to prepare other than buy tickets and get our passport ready.

Above image was taken when I blew candles on my 36th birthday party (December 10, 2010) in office. The ladies who will be traveling with me and Alif are Shinta (32, single, second from left), Sari (30, single, first from right), Sitha (30, married, next to Sari), Sekar (29, married, next to Sitha).

Tickets have been purchased online from respective airline websites. Cheapest tickets to go from Jakarta to Singapore was Tiger Airways (basic fare = USD 12.99 per person, total = USD 265.32, excluding Jakarta airport tax IDR 150,000 per person). From Singapore to Jakarta, it was Jetstar Airways (basic fare = SGD 28 per person, total = SGD 204 including tax etc for six of us).

Expenses on return tickets for six people = USD 265.32 + USD 159.15 + USD 99.51 = USD 523.98 for six passengers, means USD 87.33 per person (Bank Indonesia currency on January 19, 2011 – USD 1 = IDR 9,044 = SGD 1.28).

Our place to stay will be a hostel, 98SG at Geylang Lorong 27, booked through  for SGD 236 (USD 184), a six-beds dorm room with kitchen then it will be perfect for us. Means USD 30.73 for three nights per person.

I’ve been traveling for few times before, domestic or abroad, but my previous trips was always on nation-flag carrier and stayed in starred hotels, with almost unlimited budget with my powerful credit cards. This future trip to Singapore will be the first of my backpacking experience, fly on low cost carrier and stay in low budget accommodation, with (hopefully) limited budget for going around places and (definitely) limited shopping or culinary tour.

So far, cost for transportation + accommodation = USD 118 per person (USD 236 for me and my son). I wonder, can I limit it to USD 400 including meal, sightseeing etc for me and Alif during those 4 days 3 nights in Singapore? Could be more because might go to Kuala Lumpur too (bus fare = MYR 30 = USD 10 per trip), but could be less if get cheapest meal all along. Last time I was there, it was complete dish for only SGD 4 (USD 3.1) per person.

Well, it’s still 114 days to go before D-Day, still have much time to prepare, my friends and I must plan it perfectly to enjoy the trip with maximum fun.


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