The Huge Australia


Australia is a continent. It is so huge. I never really realized it until traveled to Melbourne and Sydney, looked at the map wondering why it would take 2 hours flight (previously thought that it might be close like from Jakarta to Bandung, only 1.5-2 hours trip by car).

Not so expensive to go to Australia from Indonesia. From Bali to Darwin, flight will be as low as US$ 22.38 (plus tax etc = US$ 76.74 on May 28) by From Jakarta to Perth could be only US$ 179 by


Melbourne and Sydney were ones of world’s most expensive cities. As tourist, a person must prepare to spend AU$ 60-70 per day for basic expense (accomodation and meal). Actually minimum living cost for single person is AU$ 1,350 per month (including transport, internet etc) but not include transport between cities. Stay in dorm room at one of YHA ( seemed like cheapest accomodation but whenever possible then better get travel mate(s) to rent an apartment, as low as AU$ 350 per week to be shared between 2-3 people.

My choice to save cost on meal was buying a pack of vegetable pie (should be halal, consists 4-6 pieces) at supermarket for breakfast, very cheap and can be prepared simply by reheat in microwave. My lunch was usually AU$ 2.00 for sushi, AU$ 5.00 for tuna sandwiches or other “big” menu. It’s quite expensive to buy canned/bottled softdrink or drinking water then I always brought my drinking jar and get it filled in any mosque or kitchen (the tap water will be very higienic and ready to drink anyway). KFC is halal, AU$ 5.90 for a package of chicken + french fries + drink. Monthly/weekly ticket is a good option. In Sydney, My Multi 3 ( was only AU$ 57, valid for all of train/bus/ferry/light rail to go from/to anywhere around the cities for unlimited amount or distance within 7 calendar days. One day, I’ve ever used it for 4x ferry from Taroonga Zoo (return) and Manly Island (return) after previously used it to watch sunrise at Bondi beach.


Wages are very good in Australia, for example:, I wish that I was below 30 years old of age then could come there with working holiday visa. In summer (December-February), there would be fruit picking jobs for AU$ 10 per hour (AU$ 100 for full day of 8 hours, if work continuously for 25 days in a month then will get AU$ 3,000). In Western Australia (, a lot of mining and petroleum industry there (wages will be more than AU$ 25 per hour, 20 hours/week for part time, 40 hours/week for full time).


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