Hong Kong – China – Macau (January 2013)

Wow wow wow…the best Indonesian airlines, Garuda (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuO3NFr9G0E), announced their latest promo fare on Wednesday (July 4, 2012).

Was it too early to book tickets for my first trip in 2013? Well, not really.

Plus additional benefit from my BCA credit card (http://www.garuda-indonesia.com/gi_us/Special+Offers/Seasonal+Promo/Best+Deal+Everyday.page?), it was very hard to resist. I’ve got the return tickets right away, basic fare = US$ 80 (one way). For return trips = US$ 160 + surcharge (US$ 114) + tax (US$ 15.50) = US$ 289.50 (could be cheaper with Tiger Airways or Air Asia…but Garuda’s fare already includes food/beverage, in-flight entertainment, 20 kg baggage allowance).

A very helpful travel guide (more images from http://www.chinatouristmaps.com):


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