Hong Kong – China – Macau (Expenses in January 2013 for 6D/5N)


Without shopping etc (only basic items), then budget for two:

Chinese Visa = 2 x Rp.540,000 = Rp.1,080,000

Return trips by Garuda Indonesia Airways = US$289.50 (adult) + US$274 (child) = US$563.50.
Bajay + bus = Rp.75,000.
Airport tax = Rp.300,000.
Octopus card = HK$200 (adult) + HK$170 (child) = HK$370.
Hostel = 5 nights x HK$290 = HK$1,450.
Dinner = HK$146 (halal menu at Ladies Market).

Journey of Enlightenment Package = HK$292 (http://www.np360.com.hk/en/booking/np360-ticketing-information.html).
Disneyland entrance ticket = HK$375 (adult) + HK$275 (child) = HK$650.
Lunch = HK$145 (halal menu at Tahitian Terrace).

Train from Hung Hom to Guangzhou = HK$190 (adult) + HK$95 (child) = HK$285.
Guangzhou Metro from Guangzhou East to Ximenkou = 2 x RMB4.
Guangzhou Metro from Ximenkou to Zhujiang New Town = 2 x RMB4.
APM line to Chigang Pagoda = 2 x RMB2.
Guangzhou Metro from Chigang Pagoda to Taojin = 2 x RMB4.
Guangzhou Metro from Taojin to Guangzhou East Station Exit I = 2 x RMB3.
Shanshui Trends Hotel = RMB238 (one night).
Lunch, dinner = RMB55 (halal menu near Huaisheng Mosque) + RMB70 (Mango Bar) = RMB125.
Canton Tower E-Zone = 2 x RMB150 = RMB300.

Train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen = RMB79.50 (adult) + RMB39.50 (child) = RMB119.
Shenzen Metro to WOW = 2 x RMB5 = RMB10.
WOW entrance fee = RMB160 (adult) + RMB80 (child) = RMB240.
Shenzhen Metro from WOW to Shekou Port = 2 x RMB5 = RMB10.
Ferry to Macau = 2 x RMB180 = RMB360.
Bus from Ramal Dos Moros to Grand Lisboa = 2 x MOP3.50 = MOP7.
Taxi from Senado Square to Venetian Hotel = MOP59.
Turbojet from Macau to Hong Kong = MOP174 (adult) + MOP159 (child) = MOP333.
Dinner = HK$90 (halal menu at Chungking Mansions).

Ocean Park entrance tickets = HK$255 (adult) + HK$140 (child) = HK$395.
Lunch = HK$186 (halal menu at Bayview Restaurant).
Dinner = HK$69 (halal menu at Islamic Center Canteen, Wan Chai).

Victoria Peak 3-in1 Combo (http://www.madametussauds.com/hongkong/en/buytickets/default.aspx) = HK$250 (adult) + HK$140 (child).
Airport Express = HK$100 (only paid for one adult because free of charge for kids during promo).


Taxi from Jakarta airport to home = Rp.130,000 (including toll and waiting fee).


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