Malacanang Palace

A holiday at presidential palace…why not? Actually I’ve never been in any presidential palace (not even in my own country) but I added Malacanang Palace into my Manila intinerary because of its less formalities.

After I filled the reservation form at, I received an e-mail of acknowledgement from “Presidential Museum []” within less than 2 hours. The attachments were a request form to fill and a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR SCHEDULING OF MUSEUM TOURS (similar with


I filled the form and sent it back, got below confirmation on the next working day.


Our tour lasted for 2 hours and fifteen minutes (9:00 AM – 11:15 AM), one hour longer than scheduled because of the generosity of our tour leader, a young gentleman named Louie.

He had extensive knowledge about the palace and The Philippines history, shown us the historic places including this balcony where a defiant Ferdinand Marcos and an anguished Imelda Marcos facing their supporters before fleeing the country for exile in Hawaii after Cory Aquino was sworn in as President of The Philippines (



Don’t forget to make a pose with President Aquino!



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