On that Saturday morning, I was awake since 5:30 AM. I left home at 6:15 AM just in time to recorded adzan then prayed at Blue Mosque. After breakfast, we walked to Topkapi Palace.


Alif and I arrived at 9:00 AM, it was the beginning of opening hours, perfect time before many tourists started to come and make the museum become crowded. The palace was really huge, we spent three hours there until 12:00 PM, then Alif and walked went to Sirkeci Station to experience Marmaray underwater train, later we took Metro from Ayrilic Cesmesi to Goztepe.


Our destination was Toy Museum, the direction that I got from internet was simple: “After you leave the station, cross and walk down the street on the right of the train tracks. After the street turns right, take the nearest left turn and go straight. There are giant giraffe statues in front of the museum…” (refer to http://www.letsgo.com/europe/turkey/istanbul/sights/istanbul-toy-museum). However, there were three exit gates at Goztepe Station i.e. Exit 1, Exit 2, Exit 3. No clue which way to get out to Dr. Zeki Zeren Sokak and the available officer couldn’t speak English also never heard about to museum. One guy told us to get out through Exit 3, then we spent almost an hour to search  in Goztepe area with no avail. After had lunch at a small restaurant, eventually we left Goztepe at 3:00 PM.


Our next destination was Miniaturk. The transfer from subway to Metrobus (bus with special lane, similar with TransJakarta) was 15 minutes walk.

Alif had lots of fun at Miniaturk, entrance tickets @10 TL. He enjoyed flight simulation of getting around Turkiye, 14 TL. I should have taken him earlier to the miniature park.

We got back to Sultanahmet at 6:30 PM. Time to pack our things for going home back to Jakarta on the next day. We had to get enough rest for 17 hours trip of Istanbul-Riyadh-Jakarta (although much shorter than previous 29 hours trip of Jakarta-Jeddah-Istanbul).


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