I woke up half an hour before Adzan Fajr at 6:23 AM. Felt that muedzin was calling for me to pray at Sultanahmet Cami.


We left home at 9:20 AM, took tram from Sultanahmet to Eminonu then Bus 99A to Eyup. Our destination was Eyup Sultan Mosque. It was a beautiful mosque with small fountain, with tombs of tomb of Khalid ibn Abi Walid and his companions in the surrounding area. A very peaceful place.

We stayed at Eyup until 11:20 AM, then another 30 minutes trip by Bus 99A back to Eminonu.


Yeni Cami was located right across Eminonu bus stop. A crowded place with pigeons on the yard waiting for crumbs from visitors. There was a majelis (Islamic teaching class) when we were there at noon pray time.

Attached to Yeni Cami was entrance gate to a market called as Misir Carsisi or Spice Market. It was very crowded market where local people went shopping for their daily needs of meat, cheese, dried fruit etc.

Sometimes overlooked, there was Rustempasa Cami at the other end of Spice Market. Although smaller than Yeni Cami, I’d say that Rustempasa Cami was more beautiful because of its interior. I planned to do Shalat Zuhr there but oddly no ablution facility. Therefore, I had to walk back for toilet and ablution before pray at Yeni Cami.


From Eminonu, we took tram to Taksim to meet Nanang and walked our way to Military Museum at Harbiye area. We arrived there just in time when Mehter Band started performing, a very interesting performance. The museum was most recommended place to learn about history of Turkiye from Seljuk Empire until Ottoman Empire.


I bought some rice from a supermarket then we walked to Nanang’s flat at Sisli area. There I cooked and we had Indonesian dinner together. Actually we planned to go to Cevahir Mall after dinner, but then Alif was too tired and fallen asleep on the couch. So, I decided to directly went home by taxi from Sisli to Sultanahmet (metered fare = 20 TL) at 9:00 PM.


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