It was going to be a long trip again, I was glad that Alif had more than 10 hours of sleep until 6:00 AM. We woke up fresh, cooked some instant noodles, and got ready for our last day of this year’s vacation in Turkiye.


At 10:00 AM, I finally got a chance to take pictures of inside of Blue Mosque. Felt a bit strange that I did it on last hours of that holiday, considering it was actually the tourism spot of Instanbul which was nearest to my accommodation (everyday then I walked pass in front of it).

The Sultanahmet Mosque didn’t collect any entrance fee. However, I was still surprised to see so much tourist visited it on that Sunday morning. Hundreds, probably around one thousand people.

There were brochures about Islam, also special tour guides who could explain the mosque with introduction to the principles of the religion.

We stayed there for 45 minutes, then left to buy souvenir shops near Gate B of the mosque.


Arrived back at the homestay at 11:45 AM, I repackaged our bags and finally started going to airport at 12:25 PM.

Dragging our heavy luggages to Sultanahmet Tram Station was not easy, it took 20 minutes. We got the tram of 12:48 PM departure, arrived at Zeytinburnu within 30 minutes, changed Metro to Ataturk Havalimani and arrived at 1:43 PM (55 minutes trip including waiting for Metro).

We did a quick stop Airport Market near the airport entrance gate, a highly recommended place for last minute shopping before leave Istanbul. Alif got a giant Toblerone (400 gr = 9.99 TL), I bought a silk scarf and two boxes of baklava @500 gr (40 TL per kg).

It was 2:15 PM already when we arrived at Saudia check in counter. Smooth and efficient process.

The Saudia flight departed as scheduled, with comfortable transit at nice Riyadh Airport (we received dinner box of chicken briyani with salad and bread).

I wish to visit Turkiye again…


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