Alif and I woke up at 3:00 AM on that Sunday morning (December 22, 2013) after long nice sleep as our normal biological body clock said that it was 8:00 AM already at Jakarta.

Alif played with Ahmet’s cat, Ceyda, while I unpacked and arranged our things also fully charged all of our ekectronic devices (Turkish power electric socket is same with Indonesian).

Adzan Fajr (calling for early morning pray) was announced beautifully from Sultanahmet Cami (Blue Mosque) at 6:17 AM. I wanted to do my pray there on the next day.

After had Turkish breakfast prepared by Ahmet, Alif and I took tram from Sultanahmet to Kabatas. Nanang, an Indonesian friend who’s been living in Turkiye for 3 years, had waited for us. Actually primarily he waited not for me and Alif but more for Indonesian cigarettes, instant noodles, spice, coffee etc that I brought hehehe…


We reached Dolmabahce Palace at 11:00 AM.  Entrance tickets = 40 TL (adult) + 5 TL (child, free of charge until 6 years old). This fare included Harem, cheaper if only visit the palace.

After gave the package to Nanang, we entered the palace but had to wait until 11:25 AM to enter with 45 minutes of guided tour. From the palace, we had 30 minutes of guided tour to Harem, started at 12:30 PM. I felt amazed with the enormous size of both building complex, also admired the expensive furnitures, silverware, chandeliers and other decorations which purchased by the Ottoman sultans with money collected from their citizens.

After took some pictures of Dolmabahce Clock Tower and Valide Sultan Mosque, Nanang took us go to Taksim Square by funicular from Kabatas, few meters away from tram stop.


We spent time until 4:00 PM around the historical square, ate late lunch of burgers, drink Turkish coffee/tea, had snack of tasty Borek with Panir, fed the pigeons while sharing our travel stories.

I wrongly had thin jackets for me and Alif, both of us were shivering, the weather was chilling to our bones.

When we got home, after took some pictures of Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque at sunset.

Alif felt asleep at 6:30 PM, I went to bed at 7:00 PM after set the alarm to wake up before 5:00 PM because he and I would go to Kabatas ferry pier for our early morning trip to Bursa.


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