Malaysia Trip 2015

DAY ONE (Saturday – May 23, 2015)

We left home 6:15 AM then took autorickshaw to Rawamangun Bus Terminal. DAMRI Bus departed at 6:35 AM and arrived at airport 40 minutes later. Glad that I did web check in and no dropped in baggage because queue at Lion Air counters were long and slow.

The flight delayed one hour. It was 1:05 PM already when we arrived at KLIA2.

We took bus to KL Sentral then checked in to New Winner Hotel and got a double room (80 ringgit for Saturday night, 70 ringgit for Sunday night) then refreshened ourselves before go back to KL Sentral.

Later Alif and I took KTM to Batu Caves (@2 ringgit) to visit that famous Hindu shrine.

Arrived there at 6:40 PM, there were lots of pilgrims wearing colorful sarees to attend a religious event, Maha Annathanam 2015 by Rajayoga Transcendental Meditation Society Malaysia. Met Novita and friends (Indonesian fellow travellers) who helped us taking selfies.

Alif and I left Batu Caves at 7:20 PM, took KTM back to KL Sentral.

He got another collector’s edition of kids cup at Boost with his favorite Banana Buzz.

Next trip was going by Monorail to Imbi Station (@1.60 ringgit) for window shopping and dinner at Berjaya Times Square (Alif got a new toy of “Slideysz”, I bought a screen protector for my phone). I’d love to enter the indoor theme park but too expensive.

Our last stop before go back to hotel was dinner at Crepe 2 U. This Japanese crepe outlet got halal certificate. There was “buy 1 crepe get 1 drink free”. Yummy!

Airport bus = 10 + 5
Hotel = 150
Husen Cafe (2 glasses of iced teh tarik) = 4
Digi SIM Card + top up = 21
KTM to Batu Caves (return) = 2 x 2 x 2
Boost with collector edition cup = 12
Monorail to Imbi (return) = 2 x 2 x 1.60
Slideyz at Berjaya Times Square = 10
Screen protector = 15
Crepe 2 U = 6.90 + 7.90

DAY TWO (Sunday – May 24, 2015)

We left our room at 8:40 AM then had breakfast at Husen Cafe. Egg paratha for Alif, roti chanai with egg and onion for me, with our favorite chai tea (here known as teh tarik). The restaurant opens 24/7, I must not forget to pack something for breakfast before going to airport tomorrow 4:30 AM.

We arrived at KL Sentral at 9:30 AM then bought tickets for 10:30 AM departure to Genting Highland. We spent waiting time by walking around Nu Sentral Mall above the bus terminal, then I bought some books at souvenir for my friends’ sons.

We were at Genting Highland for three hours (11:30 AM – 2:30 PM). There were Snow World (but we prefer real snowing countries then didn’t enter) also indoor theme park (but mostly rides for toddlers not pre-teenager like Alif) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not (but we were not interested to see weird things). So it was only enjoying fresh air on that high altitude, fun (a bit scary) cable car ride, and lots of selfies.

Alif and I arrived back to KL Sentral at 3:30 PM. Our next destination was Bukit Bintang monorail station. Alif wanted to buy new Vanguard cards. He didnt find it there, then we walked to Low Yat Plaza nearby.

He only bought one small pack at Thunder Match (9 ringgit). So we continued walking until Berjaya Times Square where he finally got a new pack of Vanguard cards that he always wanted. More expensive than price in Indonesia but they gave him a storage box as bonus.

We went back to New Winner Hotel before do the last must-do things here in Malaysia: Go to Mydin Megastore at Jalan Masjid India. They had baggage storage but not free of charge then better drop our shopping bags in our room before go there.

After shalat and shower, Alif and I left at 8:00 PM. We had dinner at Burger King on the corner on Nu Sentral Mall that joined KL Sentral to monorail station (was still under construction when we visited KL in April 2014).

It was 9:00 PM when we arrived at Mydin (LRT from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek Station then walked passing night market at Jalan Masjid India). Only one hour before closing time but enough for me to get what I want:
– 32 cm tawa pan
– packs of Shan Masala and Baba’s
– tubes of Soft Sense facial wash
– chocolate bars of Cadbury
– few kinds of instant tea and coffee

Alif got some keychains for himself. I bought pins at night market while walking back to LRT station @1 ringgit.

Breakfast at Husen Cafe = 8.70
Bus to Genting Highland = 21
Skyway + bus back to KL = 12.80 + 7.50 = 20.30
Lunch = 7.60
Monorail to Bukit Bintang = 2 x 2.10
Vanguard cards = 69
Monorail back to KL Sentral = 2 x 1.60
Bottled drink = 6
Burger King = 16.65
LRT to Masjid Jamek (return) = 2 x 2 x 1.30
Pins = 5

DAY THREE (Monday – May 25, 2015)

I asked front desk officer for morning call at 4:00 AM and he did. Alif slept since 11:00 PM but I stayed up late until one hour later to do final packing then I was still sleepy but must leave to catch our early morning flight.

We left our room at 4:30 AM, made a quick stop to pack plain rice with lamb curry (for Alif) and spicy chicken (for me). It was 12 ringgit including a bottle of plain water.

Few minutes later, we arrived at KL Sentral then bought tickets to KLIA2 (adult = 10 ringgit, child = 5 ringgit). The bus departed at 4:45 AM, only half full including some Air Asia cabin crew. I just noticed that KLIA2 was new airport for budget airlines since May 9, 2015 as replacement for LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). The trip was only 45 minutes, I had more than 2 hours before ETD 7:50 AM.

The new airport terminal was huge. Took 10 minutes to walk from bus stop until check-in counters at 3rd floor. Lion Air ground staff was a bit better at KL than Jakarta, I only queued half an hour then could do Shalat Fajr at 6:15 AM also lots of time to eat our breakfast.

A weird scene happened in front of check in counter. There were two trolleys full of holy water from Zam Zam Well, Makkah, excess baggage of an umrah pilgrimage group who was on their way from Saudi back to Indonesia via Malaysia. The man who was in charge went around asking some passengers to let him use any extra check-in baggage allowance.

Alif and I each got 20 kg of free check-in baggage, means 40 kg for both of us, but only used 11.2 kg (we even had no check-in baggage when arrived at KL two days earlier because only brought one 20″ luggage and one backpack, less than 14 kg in total). Means I could have agreed to let him use 28.8 of my unused allowance for those holy water packages.

But I said no. He (or his travel agent bureau) should pay for those kilograms with his (or their) own money. They made money from arranging that umrah trip then would have spared some budget to bring such extra loads. I would be happy to do it for any fellow passengers (as personal favor because I’m a friendly Indonesian) but not for people who gained profit but wanted to reduce cost by bothering others.

I hope that he (or his company) got lesson learned. Either they must manage it better to avoid future problem of excess baggage, or prepare extra cash to pay it. Another reason was because I wasnt sure those packages were really belonged to umrah trip participants or perhaps that young man was only trying to bring it to Indonesia to be sold for his own profit.

After morning pray and finished our breakfast, Alif asked me to check Toys ‘R Us for some B-Daman marble shooters. So we went down to 2nd floor.

But everything was more expensive at that airport compared to prices at city center (obviously!). B-Daman that he wanted was 39.90 ringgit (40% more expensive than ones that he previously purchased from eBay). Hot Wheels car miniatures were 23.90 ringgit each (only 7 ringgit at Jakarta).

Therefore, he decided not to buy anything then we walkd back to 3rd floor and proceeded to immigration gates.

Beware! Malaysian immigration staffs were rude and preferred to talked among themselves. There were many passengers were going with early morning flights (because that’s why it’s called as budget airport terminal, of course) but only few counters opened means spare your time around 20-30 minutes for passport and boarding pass checking.

The long walk (around 20 minutes or estimated 1.5 km) from immigration gate to boarding areas should be considered too if you fly with always-on-time airlines (luckily Lion Air was always-late one).

And before enter boarding area, make sure that you already took of your shoes (my leather boots beeped their metal detector) also “usual” things such as watches, rings, belts, etc.

One custom officer even asked me to take my perfume out from my bag. I told him that it was 100 ml meant still allowed to bring into cabin, he said that he knew but he still wanted to check.

He inspected the bottle thoroughly, seemed like he wanted to verify its authenticity (it was authentic Guess by Marciano EDP) before gave it back to me. WTF. I wonder that he might confiscated that bottle if it wasnt authentic. Made me felt being insulted a bit. Did I look like someone poor who couldnt afford to have authentic branded perfume? Very annoying, such bad manner of no respect to a tourist who came to his country to spend money for their national income.

It was already 7:30 AM when I arrived at boarding area because of those time-wasting immigration officers. Thank God that Lion Air was late again then passengers started entering the plane 40 minutes later and plane departed one hour late than ETD.

I planned to go straight to office from airport if it was on time (could arrive at Thamrin City before 10:00 AM). But having checked-in baggage meant additional waiting time at conveyor belt. It was 11:10 AM already when I got the bus, arrived at home one hour later and too tired to go to work.

Therefore, I sent a text message to my manager asking for his approval to take annual leave today. Hopefully he’d be kind enough to approve it.

That’s should be my last trip to West Malaysia. If I ever go to that country again in future, then should be to the states in Borneo (Kalimantan Island)…or just for transit to any other country.

Husen Cafe = 12
Bus to airport = 10 + 5


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