Sunny Sunday at Bogor Botanical Garden

Alif always liked to visit the huge public park, Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). Lots of things to do and see for family vacation, shortest escape to fresh air and blue sky away from our air-polluted city of Jakarta.

That Sunday (September 18, 2015) then I went there with him and our CouchSurfing guest, Dr. Sarang from India.

We took one hour train ride, cost Rp.4,000 for 60 km, from Manggarai Station until last stop at Bogor Station.

It was 11am already when we arrived, almost high noon but sun never shines hot in Bogor (just warm all year, thanks to the high altitude of the mountainous area) then it was comfortable enough to walk from train station to 2nd entrance gate at western side that only opens on Sunday and public holidays (otherwise better take public transport to get to main entrance gate at southern side of the garden). Walking route:

Recommendation: Grab your cup of “Durian Ice Cream” (@Rp.8,000) and some fried bananas on your way (in front of Zebaoth Church at left side of the road).

Entrance tickets was Rp.15,000 for Indonesian, Rp.26,000 for foreigner, Rp.5,000 additional charge for bicycle. But the lady at ticket counter was kind enough to charge only 3 × Rp.15,000 for three of us.

Our first stop was Presidential Palace. The president was there inside his palace of residency, having lunch with his family, but no visible tight security. I felt like swimming the lake to pay him a visit. But that would be one hell crazy idea.


There were always family/friends gathering or company outing in the garden, also picnic (and lots of dating couples). You would want to bring something like plastic sheet to sit on the grass and some snacks also bottled drink to lay down under those giant trees.

For Alif: Bring a mobile phone was a must because there were lots of PokéStop and PokéGym in the area.


Alif eagerly wanted to see Amorphopallus titanium but unluckily it hasnt bloomed yet.

We got chance to watch convoy of presidential cars leaving the garden (the guards said that President Jokowi had appointment in Jakarta). Unluckily he opened his car window on left side then waved to garden visitors but I didnt get any glance.

It was 1:30pm when we felt enough going around the garden then hungry, but food/beverage price at Grand Garden Café was too pricy (more than Rp.70,000 per pax for basic meal and drink) then we decided to leave through Gate 4 at southeastern side of the restaurant to grab some street food for lunch.

I am not into writing much about this garden because this lady already posted a great article completed with photos: (in fact, I printed it out then carried it around the garden as my travel guide that day).

That garden is my recommendation for a day trip for anybody who come to visit Jakarta. Have you gone there then would let me know your experience?


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