Monumen Nasional

Well, many tourists might leave Jakarta without a selfie in front of this landmark…but I wish it could be like nobody would leave Paris without a selfie in front of Eiffel Tower.

MOnumen NASional (National Monument), shortened MONAS by Indonesians, is gigantic obelisk that was once symbol of pride of the nation. Standing tall in the middle of “Lapangan Merdeka” (Independence Square), topped with bronze flame structure that covered with 50 kg of pure gold. This Wikipedia page provided more details:

Google maps location: (easy access by TransJakarta bus from any part of Jakarta).

My son and I arrived at the square around 7:30 AM, but had to walk quite far to the entrance gate of the monument that located at north side.

There were so many people already queued, it took 1.5 hours from waiting for ticket counters to open at 8:05 AM, queued to top up my JakCard, walked through underground tunnel, queued for elevator to viewing deck.

Entrance fee: Rp.15000 (adults), Rp.8000 (college students), Rp.4000 (children). Exchange rate: US$1 = Rp.13000.

Opening hours of elevator to reach the top was 8:00 AM-4:00 PM (limited for 1800 visitors/day) and 7:00 PM-10:00 PM (limited for 700 visitors/night).

Binoculars (free of charge) with displays of explanations of govt building in the surrounding area.

Selfie at 120 m above ground level. :)


Presidential Palace at northwest side.

Masjid Istiqlal (biggest mosque in South East Asia that can accommodate 250,000 people) at northeast. That was Jakarta port far away in the horizon, visitors can see ships but unluckily I couldnt captured it with my camera.

South Jakarta panorama, that was Mount Salak at the background.

It was 10:30 AM already when we got back to ground level then proceeded to see displays in diorama hall later went to “Independence Room”.

Diorama hall was nice and clean place for rest, there was adequate musala (pray room for Muslim) but ladies’ room were only 2 units and not really convenient.

My most favorite diorama depicting Indonesian 1st plane made by IPTN, 1995.

Vending machine. Seems like getting softdrink from it amused those teenagers. :D


Inside Independence Room.


I wanted to listen to that recording of Indonesian 1st President, Ir. Soekarno, reading declaration of independence of this country on August 17, 1945. But it was hourly event, I was too tired to wait another half an hour (would be okay to wait if I brought some snacks, but I didn’t) then we just left.

There were orange “kereta wisata” (touristic trains – free of charge), but I didn’t want to waste time for another queuing.

Interesting diorama of “chasing Pokémon”, hahahaha…

Our selfie, pardon his tired and bored look…should have taken this photo earlier in the morning. :(

It was interesting experience, definitely MONAS is a must visit landmark in Jakarta.



  • Better go to MONAS on workdays for less queue if you want to go up high to viewing deck, or get there early like 7 AM on weekends/public holidays.
  • Avoid queuing by get your JakCard in advance (loaded with sufficient amount of money) from any TransJakarta bus station.


JakCard is pre-loaded pay card (e-money) from Bank DKI, Jakarta govt owned bank. This card also can be used to pay to get a ride on TransJakarta bus and KRL commuter line (electric train system that connects Jakarta to suburban cities), Ragunan zoo entrance, etc.


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