The Philippines Itinerary for A Friend

A British friend asked me about how to spend nine days in The Philippines. Here is what I could think of awesome vacation in that archipelago.


Monday – January 9, 2017

Arrive at Manila.

Tuesday – January 10, 2017

Morning: Visit Malacanang Presidential Palace, join 2 hours of guided tour. My notes:

Noon: Take jeepney ride to Quiapo Church ( I planned a walking tour but didnt work because there was major religious event on that day (

Evening at Quiapo Muslim Town would be a great experience (

Wednesday – January 11, 2017

Book a day tour to Corregidor Island (

Night: Go to Makati to get a massage?

Thursday – January 12, 2017

Morning: Intramuros.

Noon: Rizal Park.

Afternoon: Ocean Park (dont miss that awesome nightly show at 7pm)


January 13-16, 2017


Start your journey with Cebu Pacific’s first flight from Manila to Cotabato (ETD 4:55/ETA 6:40). It would be only £50 including tuna meal package.


After Shalat Jum’at at Masjid Hasanal Bolkiah (, then start exploring the island.

Top 10 Attractions in Cotabato

Explore the Diving and Snorkeling Sites of Mindanao

Top 23 Amazing Destinations in Mindanao

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Mindanao

January 16-19, 2017


Get Monday morning flight from Mindanao to Puerto Princessa (via Manila because no direct flight), then explore Palawan Island.

Favorite Tourist Attractions in Palawan, Philippines


Thursday – January 19, 2017

Morning flight from Puerto Princessa to Manila, then fly back to London.


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