Snowbay, Polar Sensation Under Tropical Sun

Snowbay is a waterpark located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park, Inaugurated in 2009, it provides polar sensation with themed decoration of snowy mountain with polar bear and penguins. But nothing cold under Jakarta’s tropical sun, visitors can enjoy the facilities all year long. Open daily, 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Google maps location:

Public transport: TransJakarta bus towards Pinang Ranti (route no. 9), get off at Garuda Taman Mini (stop no.9-2), then walk to Snowbay (1.6 km or 1 mile). Save energy by taking “angkot” (red minivan) no. S05 until entrance gate (Pintu 1) of Taman Mini then walk 10 minutes to Snowbay. To see this route, visit

Visitor must pay Rp.10,000 at entrance gate before entering Taman Mini. Its actually an interesting national park that hosts real size building of traditional houses of all 34 provinces in Indonesia also bird park, komodo park, flower garden, museums etc. On some weekends, there would be traditional at performances,  check for more details.

Snowbay entrance tickets = Rp.140,000 (weekdays) or Rp.180,000 (weekends and public holidays). Half price for “last minute” (visit after 4:00pm). Holders of some credit/debit/membership cards can get 30-45% price reduction as detailed on their official website

I bought my tickets from then only paid @Rp.79,200.

Not much crowd when we arrived at 10:00am. Its wave pool was quite empty.

Lots of fun! I always love to float along Lazy River.

Alif wanted to make these underwater poses.


  • Storage locker was Rp.30,000 per access. This fare for one time unlocking means visitor must repay some amount when open the locker then want to lock it again. That’s overpriced, better keep your valuable belonging in your vehicle (I went there on motorbike then kept my wallet and phone in storage space under the seat). 
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring any food/beverage, must buy from sellers in park area when hungry/thirsty. Because everything was overpriced (3x than normal price) then better leave your own food/beverage outside the park then get out whenever you want to eat/drink.
  • Gazebo rent was Rp.120,000 per 3 hours (weekend) or Rp.100,000 per day (weekday). Just leave your toilettries on available benches under umbrellas to save money.
  • The parking lot was securely supervised by park staffs. However, annoyingly they would ask for tip (which I refused to give because I paid Rp.6,000 at entrance gate already…I just didnt like to pay for illegal charge).

After fun four hours, Alif and I left Snowbay, went around Taman Mini for another hour before go home. See you again later, penguins!


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