​Another Weekend Getaway to Bandung (1)

It’s another weekend getaway with colleagues to Bandung. In 2012, my colleagues and I had family gathering at Lembang but the company only paid for a day trip to Kampung Gajah then I extended it to 2D/1N for more fun at Tangkuban Parahu and De Ranch.


With a generous help from my old friend who help VP position at KAI, Indonesian state rail company, I could book one whole car of 50 seats of executive class (as extra to regular 8 cars set) @Rp.125,000 or US$9.25 for 3 hours trip from Gambir Station at Central Jakarta towards Station Hall at Bandung then enjoyed pre-arranged activities that my team planned since few weeks ago.

The train arrived at Gambir on schedule but there was miscommunication then our extra car didnt get electrical power connection means no light/AC. I walked to see the train driver on duty, then he contacted mechanical/electrical engineers. It took almost half an hour to connect the power source, then our train departed 40 minutes late than scheduled 5:05 AM.

Indonesian trains managed by KAI had been improved greatly since Ignasius Jonan became CEO (2009-2014). Comfortable reclining seats and there were electric power outlets for each passenger to charge their electronic devices. Same like airplanes, there were cabin crews offered refreshment at reasonable price.

Our trip was nice and smooth passing beautiful mountainous views of Karawang-Purwakarta districts.

Damn. I really love this evergreen Indonesia where spring never ends.



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