About This Blog

In Bahasa Indonesia; “perjalanan” = “travel”, “bunda” = “mom”. It is a mom’s travel blog, dedicated for my son, hopefully will be useful for other parents or families who got interest to know my experience on travelling safely, insya Allah. As a mom of one lovely young boy – Alif, most of the time then I’ve travelled with him although sometimes I went solo.

Some people guessed that I’m a journalist, or a photographer, because seems like I “travelled a lot” (actually not that much). The truth is, I work at a telecommunication company (http://www.linkedin.com/in/desrinda).

My main blog is http://desrinda.wordpress.com/ and my academic notes is http://kelas.wordpress.com/.


Singapore – across the famous Marina Bay (August 22, 2010).

Ulun Danu Temple, Bali, Indonesia (December 10, 2011).

The Wonder of The World – Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia (April 7, 2012).


Victoria Peak, Hong Kong (January 28, 2013).

Happy reading…all comments (critics, suggestions, corrections etc) will be very appreciated.


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