Journey to The Heart of Asia – WEATHER FORECAST

Some of my foreigners might say that Indonesia has a very good weather, always spring means green all year. Well, a kind of boring for me because no snow (unless at unreachable Puncak Jaya in Papua), also never can never see yelow leaves like autumn in subcontinent countries.

I hadn’t known how cold winter would be (coldest weather for me was Hong Kong in December 2010 – never less than 10oC) then certainly it was very important for me to read weather forecast then I could prepare myself with correct outfit (jackets, gloves, etc) before my trip to India, Iran, Afghanistan in January-February 2012.

Based on

Delhi (January 20, 2012) = sunny day (21°C), starry night (6°C)

Agra (January 21, 2012) = sunny day (25°C), clear night (3°C)

Jaipur (January 22, 2012) = sunny day (22°C), clear night (5°C)

Shiraz (January 23/24, 2012) = occasional rain or sunny with some cloud (9/11°C), clear and cold night (-3/-2°C)

Isfahan (January 25, 2012) = rather cloudy day with periods of snow in the morning followed by a shower in the afternoon (6°C), partly cloudy and cold night (-7°C)

Tehran (January 26/27, 2012) = times of clouds and sun, partly sunny (8°C/9°C), mostly cloudy night (3°C/2°C)

Mashhad (January 28, 2012) = increasing cloudiness (5°C), mostly cloudy night (-1°C)

Kabul Weather: Kabul is situated at a height of 5900 feet above sea level. Kabul weather is characterized by summer temperatures varying from 16°C at sunrise to 38°C at noon. The average temperature in January is 0°C. Kabul has recorded the lowest temperature of -31°C. Summers are accompanied with bright sunshine. The average rainfall varies from 25 cm to 30 cm. Mostly the precipitation occurs in the form of snow in the winter and spring seasons. The snow stays for three months in Kabul forcing the people to stay indoors and sleep nearer to the kitchen stoves.

Bagram Weather, Kandahar Weather, Herat Weather: At Kandahar, during summer the days are scorching hot and the nights are of no relief either. On the other hand Kabul is at least blessed with cool nights in summer. Herat experiences temperate summer temperatures with violent winds blowing from the northwest during May-September. The winters in Herat are not so severe with snow melting as it falls.

Seems like it will be freezing cold, then I must not leave without this winter coat that I’ve purchased from eBay last month: