Thousand Island (November 15-18, 2012)

HR Dept at my office finally anounced that Friday (November 16) would be day-off because Friday was national holiday of Islamic New Year. If only the announcement came earlier (like 5-6 months in advance) then I would had chance to book tickets to other cities/countries. Because they announced it on Tuesday of the same week, then it was too late for me to buy train/plane tickets (not really late but the price would be much higher for trips during the long weekend, certainly over my budget).

So, I decided to go to Thousand Island. It’s part of Jakarta, here is the map that I got from

The night before left home for his adventure, I packed some medicine for first aid.



Alif and I departed from home at 6:00 AM, took taxi to Muara Angke Port, here is the location at the North Jakarta (the piers were inside wet fish market, so prepare for bad smell!) from my BlackBerry screenshot.


Finally Alif and I got onboard. It’s fishermen’s boat then expect no seating. :D


We’re sailing, woo hoo! Our boat departed at 7:20 AM, it’s 2.5 hours trip (Rp.35,000/passenger but they didn’t charge Alif because he was “just a little boy”, hehehe…).


Front view of out homestay, only 50m away from arrival pier at Tidung Island. Contact: Mechin, +6281574777403 (fare = Rp.250,000 per night but I got it Rp.600,000 for 3 nights). Check in time = 10:00 AM (probably adjusted to arrival time of first boat from Muara Angke or Marina Ancol), check out time = 9:00 AM.


Interior of our room, nothing fancy but the owner provided AC and drinking water dispenser. Alif was taking few minutes rest, watching TV and eating his snack.


Through the homestay owner, I ordered catering (Rp.45,000/day per person for breakfast + lunch + dinner). They serve it a la carte in this Waroeng Tidoeng.


Here is our lunch menu of plain rice with fried fish, fried “tempe”, red chilli sauce, few slices of cucumber and “sayur asem”.


To get around the island faster and easier (and cheaper), I rent this bicycle for Rp.15,000 per day (I bargained then it was Rp.40,000 for 4 days).


On our way to the west coast, we passed this playing ground but sadly not kid was playing there.


I haven’t finished this blog entry, so more details are available on my Facebook photo album.